martedì 16 giugno 2009

Live streaming from Teheran: for not to abandon them

To follow them, not abandon them and help them, for what you can. Why in Tehran to protest for freedom, we die. And we have a duty not to ignore it.

Web guide (blog, video, text and images) to monitor in real time the situation in Tehran.

June 15, 2009
- Clashes in the central area of the capital - all traditional media have been blacked out, telephone lines blocked, stops the team of CNN and BBC and sent many foreigners, arrested dozens of Iranian journalists.

: - is a photoblog on the capital of Iran, with pictures and videos of the demonstrations and clashes.

List of bloggers from Tehran and other cities of Iran in minute by minute updates via Twitter: /

NinaBlog: Images and video unpublished continually updated from Tehran - (Thanks to Clementine for reporting Raso)

The Lede: is a blog of the New York Times. The corresponding Robert Worth Nazila Fathi and publish data, video and real-time information:

The Daily Dish: - Is the blog of Andrew Sullivan, a collaborator of 'Atlantic Monthly and columnist of " Internazionale".

Guardian Liveblog: - - updated minute by minute with links to news and analysis.

For all the bloggers of the countries subject to restrictions on press freedom, I remember the manual useful for blogging cyber dissidents published by Reporters Without Borders last 2008, which explains how blogging and fool filters in countries subject to restrictions (as is in this When Iran).

I had already spoken in my blog, and you can find it and download it by clicking here! If anyone is in contact with some Iranian fateglielo possibly have!

translated as translator for foreign users)

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