mercoledì 5 dicembre 2007

"If love...". Un nuovo blog: "Sexualityinart".

Dal blog "Sexuality in Art", che ho trovato vagabondando in Internet..

Un sito che parla di sesso e sessualità in Internet, senza mai essere volgare nè scontato. Bisogna essere bravi per farlo, ora come ora... L'ho messo anche nella lista: fateci un salto!

La poesia per me è bellissima...

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December 4, 2007

Noel Riley Fitch in her biography of the diarist Anaïs Nin, wrote:

Just before her nineteenth birthday (Anaïs) admits that the diary would not exist if she were perfect, “for you have really grown out of my efforts and battles and imperfections.” p. 35

- - - -

“If Love . . .”

If love ever gives you a choice between longer or shorter
Choose longer

Between enough or another try
Choose another try

Between stricter or more flexible
Choose more flexible

Between broader or narrower
Choose broader

Between concealed or open
Choose open

Between honest or half true
Choose honest

Between expansion and contraction
Choose expansion

Between turning a blind eye and confrontation
Choose confrontation

Between the highest common denominator and the lowest
Choose the highest

Between trying something new or staying with what you knew
Choose something new

Between cloistered or shared
Choose shared

Between levity or sternness
Choose levity

Between desensitized and sensitive
Choose sensitive

Between numb and intoxicated
Choose intoxicated

Between ulterior and good-hearted
Choose good-hearted

Between fear and curiosity
Choose curiosity

Between silence and communication
Choose communication

Between withholding and learning
Choose learning

Between recluse and social
Choose social

Between violence and negotiation
Choose negotiation

Between connection and solitude
Choose connection

Between boundaries and bridges
Choose bridges

Between forgiveness and revenge
Choose forgiveness

If love ever gives you these choices

- - - -

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